Hype - Kiss FM (30-12-2015)

Hype — Kiss FM (30-12-2015)

Annix — Nuff Sound Can’t Play [Playaz Free Download]
Jam Thieves — Doping [Playaz Dub]
Brokie and Ed Solo — Turntable 1 (T>I Remix) [Undiluted]
Upgrade — Don’t Trust Me [Ram]
Raz — Strictly Drum and Bass [Smokin Riddims]
Majistrate — Amsterdam VIP [Dub]
PA — The Only Solution [Radius]
Klax — Ritalin [Critical]
Decimal Bass — Earwig [Playaz Dub]

Voltage Guest Mix:
Serum & Voltage — Break It Down [Low Down Deep Dub]
Serum & Voltage — Slugger [Dub]
Serum & Voltage — Bangers [Low Down Deep Dub]
Serum & Voltage — You lie [Dub]
Serum — Easy Does It [Philly Blunt Dub]
Dominator & Logan D — Hooligan VIP [Low Down Deep Dub]
Serum — The Finger [Dub]
Firefox — Lets Go [Philly Blunt Dub]
Killatwin — Engage [Dub]
Majistrate — Pick Em Out [Low Down Deep]
Rowney feat. Kat W — Real Love [Dub]
Firefox & 4tree — Warning (Serum Remix) [Philly Blunt Dub]
Bladerunner — Pulsar [Dub]
Voltage — How It Should Be Done VIP [Co-Lab Dub]
Voltage & Nicky Blackmarket — Jazz Tickles VIP [Co-Lab Dub]
Netsky — Starlight [Allsorts]
Voltage — Stun Gun [Low Down Deep]
Nu Elementz — Everybody [Sweet Tooth]
Pleasure & Heist — Marmite [Low Down Deep Dub]
Voltage — Bitty Mcgritty [Dub]
Voltage — Turn It Up [Low Down Deep]