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Salted Sugar — SSp.Annual.1 (2018/11/11)

Привет, друзья! До нового года осталось меньше пятидесяти дней, а это значит, что пора начинать предновогоднюю серию миксов, посвященную уходящему 2018. В этой части SSp.Annual.1 вас ожидает жирное и глубокое звучание, минимализм, немного депрессии и синтетики. 24 трека, которые можно отнести к поджанру Techstep подготовлены, качественно сведены и ждут вашего внимания!

      Salted Sugar - SSp Annual.1

Приятного прослушивания!

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Noisia Radio S04E45 (2018/11/07)

Noisia Radio S04E45 — на этой неделе ремикс первый ремикс на Camo & Krooked от Mefjus — Pivot, много новой музыки из Solitude EP от Signal, а так же новые треки от MD, Bitloud, M-Zine, Tsuruda и Current Value.

      Noisia Radio S04E45

Noisia Radio this week: First of the Mefjus remixes: Camo & Krooked take on ‘Pivot’, more new Signal music from his new ‘Solitude EP’. New music by MD, Bitloud, M-Zine, Tsuruda, Current Value, and a few throwbacks to go with it. Читать далее Noisia Radio S04E45 (2018/11/07)

Neosignal Recordings Podcast Volume 019 — Synergy (2018/11/07)

Новый выпуск Neosignal Recordings Podcast Volume 019 который отыграл Synergy.

      Neosignal Podcast Volume 019 - Synergy

Neosignal Recordings Podcast Volume 019 featuring Synergy. They return with an all new mix for the Podcast Series.

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Loadstar — Data Transmission Podcast 153 (2011/03/31)

Один из старых выпусков Data Transmission Podcast 153, который отыграли Loadstar в уже далекие 2011 году.

      Loadstar - Data Transmission Podcast 153 (2011-03-31)

Loadstar are a drum and bass production duo – signed to the world famous Ram Records label – and are currently flattening the world of d’n’b with exquisite productions that range from every facet of the genre – from tech step to jump up and pounding dark wave — Loadstar are the epitome of what a RAM artist should and does sound like.

Formed of already tipped and regular RAM bods Lomax and Xample, the duo this week released Space Between / BVLD, following on from their massive smasher Link To the Past, the duo look for ways to explore and investigate the sound, often not being the first choice for hardcore heads. But their tight selection, honed productions and subsequent explosion, made them perfect for this week’s instalment of the Data Transmission Podcast. Hitting the neo-jungle vibes of High Contrasts ‘If We Ever’ to DC Breaks’ ‘Take That’ and DJ Fresh’s ‘Gate Keeper’ to cuts you may not be familiar with from artists such as Hamilton, Mind Vortext

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Rawnfilthy In The Mix Vol.4 [01-11-2018]

Новый 4-й выпуск Rawnfilthy In The Mix. 4 часа разнообразного JumpUp, Jungle и Drum&Bass.

      Rawnfilthy In The Mix Vol.4 (01-11-18)

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SUNANDBASS Podcast #77 — Mantra & Double 0 (2018-11-03)

Новый ноябрьский SUNANDBASS Podcast #77 который записали два самых ключевых участника лондонской Drum&Bass сцены.

      SUNANDBASS Podcast #77 - Mantra & Double O

November’s SUNANDBASS Podcast comes from two of the most key members of the London Drum & Bass scene – and whose vision and dedication is now respected and revered to far further reaches.

Mantra and Double 0 have been both been consistently sharing their artistic vision within Drum & Bass and Jungle for many years, and since their first forays in Shoreditch in the early 2000s, the name Rupture has blossomed into one of the most go-to names in 160bpm + music.

Whether at their now infamous night at Corsica Studios, on their own label or with their own individual performances, their names guarantee a stamp of quality and a place that the real heads know they will always get what they’re looking for. They drop in here for 90 minutes of the most cutting edge beats – we’re very happy to have them gracing this month’s SUNANDBASS Podcast.

Neuropunk pt.46 mixed by Bes (2018/10/31)

Neuropunk pt.46 mixed by Bes — осенний выпуск главного drum&bass шоу страны!

      Neuropunk Pt.46 Mixed By Bes (2018-10-31)

Краткое содержание:
— дабки и мировые премьеры от Teddy Killerz, Synergy, Gydra, Receptor, Agressor Bunx, Mizo, Fatloaf, Chaser и др.
— Pendulum, Kemal & Rob Data, Misanthrop и другие странные гости в треклисте
— девять(!) поехавших новобранцев со своим оружием (не лопаты, не грабли) в одном выпуске
— тяжелые оплеухи и лиричные сопли на фоне жирного мазута под звук гуслей
— русский-народный вокальный и семейный драмнбейс
— тестирование сабов на прочность а черепа — на давление
— спортивный марафон с призом от Tamrecords (подробности после буста)
— вся эта дичь продолжается 2.5 часа

Заказать коллекционный NEUROBOX со всеми выпусками — http://boostframe.com/boosts/10/neurobox/

NEUROPUNK SESSION в СПб 15 декабря — https://vk.com/nrpnk

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Hospital Podcast 379 with London Elektricity & Mitekiss (2018/11/02)

Новый Hospital Podcast 379 от London Elektricity в гостях у которого был Mitekiss

      Hospital Podcast 379 With London Elektricity & Mitekiss

Mitekiss joins London Elektricity in the podcast studio to go through his brand new album ‘Crate Six Seven’, getting the back story on the record, inspirations and technical procedures used in the studio to craft this album…

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Best Drum and Bass Podcast 204 — Bad Syntax & E-Sassin (2018-11-02)

BEST DRUM AND BASS PODCAST 204 выпуск со злобным миксом от Bad Syntax и E-Sassin.

      Bad Syntax & E-Sassin - Abducted WP 204 (Best D&B Podcast) (2018-11-02)

E-Sassin steps in for an EVIL guest mix to make sure the Halloween train doesnt stop! Big thanks to everyone who jammed with me last night at Bassrush / Pendulum, and I am looking forward to the epic night ahead tonight at the Eatbrain showcase! BOH!

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V Recordings Podcast 071 — Hosted by Bryan Gee (2018-11-02)

Новый выпуск V Recordings Podcast 071 в котором прозвучат новые треки  Alibi, Macca & Loz Contreras, Need for Mirrors и L-Side.

      V Recordings Podcast 071 - Hosted By Bryan Gee (2018-11-02)

Bryan steps into the mix once the 71st V Recordings Podcast! 2 hour selection jam-packed with new music from the likes of Alibi, Macca & Loz Contreras, Need for Mirrors and L-Side. This months spotlight shines on the two midlands alias’s, ‘FBD Project’ and ‘Skanna’.

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