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Bachelors Of Science — Bukem In Session Mix (2014-05-15)

Bachelors Of Science — Bukem In Session Mix — небольшой промо-микс к вечеринке Bukem In Session от американского коллектива Bachelors of Science. В миксе очень много материала от самих ребят, так что подобные треки в других миксах Вы не услышите.

      Bachelors Of Science - Bukem In Session Mix (2014-05-15)

Long-time residents of San Francisco, the Bachelors of Science trio are renowned in the drum & bass world for creating a unique blend of floor ready, functional d&b. Rene, Chris and Lukeino have all worked together on the project for a long time already, having released their debut album, Science Fiction back in 2008, following it up with Warehouse Dayz two years later. They’re also the latest artists kind enough to put together a mixtape ahead of their appearance at Bukem In Session (they’ll be appearing in Room Two on Friday 30th May) and over their 35 minute selection they manage to get across a whole heap of what they’re about with a deft selection of their own material peppering the tracklist…

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Joytech — Neurojoy podcast pt.10 (2014)

Немного нейрофанка вам из далекого 2014: Joytech — Neurojoy podcast pt.10

      Joytech - Neurojoy Podcast Pt.10

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Shivaxi — The BiPolar Sessions (2014-09-23)

      Shivaxi - The BiPolar Sessions (2014-09-23)

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Machine Code — 45 Min Set PANDA MIX SHOW (Ep. 155) (2014-04-03)

Machine Code (aka Current Value & Dean Rodell) is a project formed out of true respect and passion for dance music with its origins deep-rooted in Techno. Neither artist needs introduction to any of the scenes they have been busy infiltrating, as these two heavy-weights of underground electronica have been continually releasing tight cuts and forward thinking music for over 20 years between them to date.

      Machine Code (Panda Drum And Bass Mix Show)

Following the release Machine Code’s first, forward thinking LP — ‘Environments’; which comprised a slab of heavy and experimental and cross-over takes on DnB, Techno and Dubstep — they are once again fresh from working the machines at their own Subdivision Studio in Berlin. A fresh munitions stockpile is ready to be broadcast to and inflicted upon audiences worldwide. Machine Code live’s ideal is to bring it back to that original and fresh sound with a true manipulated modular synthesis approach.

They are ready to crush sound systems in their path with relentlessly rushing and hypnotic DnB, lung collapsing Dubstep and dark clanging Techno derived from the darkest depths of their abused machinery.
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John B — Podcast 129 (2014-04-01)


Fresh Drum & Bass for your ears, curated by the one and only John B. This week’s show features new ones from Fred V & Grafix’s new album, Delta Heavy, Dom & Roland, and The Upbeats!

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Nu-Logic — Live @ Pirate Station Inferno 2014 SPB

Запись выступления Nu-Logic на  Пиратской станции Inferno, которая состоялась в Санкт-Петербурге еще в 2014 году.  Само мероприятие «Inferno» — это потрясающее шоу и сногсшибательная постановка от театра-цирка Кракатук! Только они смогли объединить умопомрачительные воздушные номера и современные спецэффекты последнего поколения!

Короче, наслаждаемся!

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State Of Mind – Next Level Podcast 15 — 2014.02.14

      State Of Mind - Next Level Podcast 15 - 2014-02-14

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Sizza – Like it podcast 01-14 (2014-2016)

А сегодня мы познакомимся с одним талантливым музыкантом по имени Sizza.

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Dutty Audio Podcast (2013-2015)

Вся серия подкастов от Dutty Audio (Optiv & BTK) за 2013-2015 года.

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AudioPorn Records Podcasts (2012-2015) UK

Вся серия подкастов от AudioPorn Records c 2012 по 2015 года!

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