Loadstar - Data Transmission Podcast 153 (2011/03/31)

Loadstar — Data Transmission Podcast 153 (2011/03/31)

Один из старых выпусков Data Transmission Podcast 153, который отыграли Loadstar в уже далекие 2011 году.

      Loadstar - Data Transmission Podcast 153 (2011-03-31)

Loadstar are a drum and bass production duo – signed to the world famous Ram Records label – and are currently flattening the world of d’n’b with exquisite productions that range from every facet of the genre – from tech step to jump up and pounding dark wave — Loadstar are the epitome of what a RAM artist should and does sound like.

Formed of already tipped and regular RAM bods Lomax and Xample, the duo this week released Space Between / BVLD, following on from their massive smasher Link To the Past, the duo look for ways to explore and investigate the sound, often not being the first choice for hardcore heads. But their tight selection, honed productions and subsequent explosion, made them perfect for this week’s instalment of the Data Transmission Podcast. Hitting the neo-jungle vibes of High Contrasts ‘If We Ever’ to DC Breaks’ ‘Take That’ and DJ Fresh’s ‘Gate Keeper’ to cuts you may not be familiar with from artists such as Hamilton, Mind Vortext

Loadstar — Space Between
Noisia — My World
Hamilton — Echoes
Culture Shock — Cathedral
Chase & Status — Take Me Away
Loadstar — Blvd
Dc Breaks — Take That
Chase & Status — Blind Faith (Loadstar Remix)
High Contrast — If We Ever
Loadstar — Hit The Ground
Noisia — Stigma
Mind Vortext — Onslaught
Delta Heavy — Minus
Subfocus — Let The Story Begin
Hamilton — Sectret
Breakage — Fighting Fire (Loadstar Remix)
Fresh — Heavy Weight
Fresh — Gate Keeper
Siren — Snorkel
Hive — Blackout
Hamilton — Soundboy Vip
Eric Prydz — Niton (Sigma Remix)
Smooth — Feel So Free
Futurebound & Metric — Brave New World
Chase & Status — No Problems
Original Sin — Phantasm
Crystal Clear & Zen — Gang Related
Subzero — Poon
Subzero — Dodge City Vip
Hazard — Killers
Upbeats — Radiers
Icicle — Dreadnaught
Noisia — Friendly Intentions
Loadstar — Kaoss
Chase & Status — Hocus Pocus
Loadstar — Encarta
Loadstar — Link 2 The Past
Chase & Status — Time (Wilkinson Remix)