Salted Sugar — SSp.Annual.1 (2018/11/11)

Привет, друзья! До нового года осталось меньше пятидесяти дней, а это значит, что пора начинать предновогоднюю серию миксов, посвященную уходящему 2018. В этой части SSp.Annual.1 вас ожидает жирное и глубокое звучание, минимализм, немного депрессии и синтетики. 24 трека, которые можно отнести к поджанру Techstep подготовлены, качественно сведены и ждут вашего внимания!

      Salted Sugar - SSp Annual.1

Приятного прослушивания!

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Noisia Radio S04E45 (2018/11/07)

Noisia Radio S04E45 — на этой неделе ремикс первый ремикс на Camo & Krooked от Mefjus — Pivot, много новой музыки из Solitude EP от Signal, а так же новые треки от MD, Bitloud, M-Zine, Tsuruda и Current Value.

      Noisia Radio S04E45

Noisia Radio this week: First of the Mefjus remixes: Camo & Krooked take on ‘Pivot’, more new Signal music from his new ‘Solitude EP’. New music by MD, Bitloud, M-Zine, Tsuruda, Current Value, and a few throwbacks to go with it. Читать далее Noisia Radio S04E45 (2018/11/07)

Neosignal Recordings Podcast Volume 019 — Synergy (2018/11/07)

Новый выпуск Neosignal Recordings Podcast Volume 019 который отыграл Synergy.

      Neosignal Podcast Volume 019 - Synergy

Neosignal Recordings Podcast Volume 019 featuring Synergy. They return with an all new mix for the Podcast Series.

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MeditDnB Sessions episode 109 @ Blackduckradio (2018/11/05)

Свежий MeditDnB Sessions episode 109 записанный для Blackduckradio.

      MeditDnB Sessions Episode 109 @ Blackduckradio (2018-11-05)

Welcome to another fresh episode of MeditDnB Sessions at Blackduckradio.
Kicking off the Show with some fresh atmospheric rollerz, then getting really deep n liquid.
Hope you enjoy our eastern medit flavor of liquid vibes.
Always free to any of your valuable comments and feedback.
…and see you next Monday at the MeditDnB!
Love n Bass.

Fabio & Grooverider — Rinse FM (5th November 2018)

Запись шоу от Fabio & Grooverider на Rinse FM (5th November 2018)

      Fabio & Grooverider - Rinse FM - 5th November 2018

Drum & Bass show with Physics — November (2018/11/06)

Запись Drum & Bass Show от Physics на Basso FM.

      Drum & Bass Show With Physics - November (2018-11-06)

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DJ Freek — Chords Ram Reprezent Show August 2018 (2018/08/28)

Запись сета от DJ Freek для Chords Ram Records Reprezent show.

      DJ Freek - Chords Ram Reprezent Show August 2018

Listen back to DJ Freek’s mix for the Chords Ram Records Reprezent show.

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Mindscape — Bassrush Guest Mix (2018/11/02)

Микс от Mindscape, записанный специально для Bassrush

      Mindscape - Bassrush Guest Mix (2018-11-02)

Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos aren’t really that big in Hungary, where Mindscape hails from. On the heels of the third installment of his Eatbrain ‘Reanimator’ series, however, it couldn’t be a better time to break out the creepy D&B mixes. No one does eerie, hard, dark drum & bass like Eatbrain and the theme for this release couldn’t be more appropriate, so Mindscape was good enough to bless us with some dark and dirty vibes, ‘Reanimator’ style.

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Djinn — Live on Jungletrain.net (Formless) (2018/11/01)

Ноябрьский выпуск Djinn на Jungletrain.net в котором прозвучали новые треки Breakage, Loxy & Ink, Rumbleton, Out of Fuel, Macc, Equinox, Dead Man’s Chest, Dub One, Nucleus & Paradox, Response, The Untouchables, Sully, Outer Heaven, Ruffhouse, Overlook, Artilect, Token, Nian Dub, Mako и многих других.

      Djinn - Live On Jungletrain Net (Formless) 01.11.18 Mp3

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Skankandbass on Reprezent 013 — Turno Guest Mix (2018/11/03)

Свежий выпуск Skankandbass on Reprezent radio 013 с гостевым миксом от Turno.

      Skankandbass On Reprezent - 013 - Turno Guest Mix

Hosted by Seb & Shaneil, Skankandbass is back on Reprezent Radio for their thirteenth show, this time welcoming the Time Is Now boss man Turno to the studio for a live guest mix. We also have Tune Of The Moment from S.P.Y, as well as vintage from the vaults year 2014, and demo delivery. Join Skankandbass on the first Friday of the month 11pm — 1am — 107.3FM and DAB. Читать далее Skankandbass on Reprezent 013 — Turno Guest Mix (2018/11/03)