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Best Drum & Bass Podcast 095 — Bad Syntax + DJ Construct (2016/09/02)

Best Drum & Bass Podcast 095 в котором отыграл гость гость из LA — DJ Construct со своим расширенным миксом.

      Bad Syntax DJ Construct - Abducted WP 095 (Best DB Podcast) (02-09-2016)

First off, a MASSIVE THANKS for over 6450 downloads on iTunes last month! The support we are receiving on this podcast is phenomenal, and it couldn’t be done without the awesome support of our subscribers, supporting labels and artists.

This week we have Los Angeles native DJ Construct in for an extended guest mix. Currently running the premier Drum and Bass monthly in the LA area, Xcellerated, he is always ready to slay the decks. Paired with your usual mayhem with myself, Bad Syntax, you know this weeks podcast will have something for everyone. Lock it in, turn it up, and make sure to rate and review!

Bad Syntax Tracklist

Impak – Knock Knock [Abducted LTD]
Tobax – Mentally Repeat [Impact]
Inao – Antipode [Genome]
Cruk – Breaking Point [Overtech]
Agressor Bunx – Scream [Ignescent]
Dizkret – Hello [Genome]
KS – Make Some Noise [Abducted LTD]
Aphotsys – Regenerate [Kill Tomorrow]
Breekda – Zen CircleCycle [Genome]
Fade – Chemtrains [Faded]
Agressor Bunx – The Curse [Ignescent]
Pish Posh – Frogman (4mulate RMX) [Abducted LTD]
BTK – Be Yourself (Klute RMX) [Dutty Audio]
MachineCode – Mechtropolis [Eatbrain]
Decline & Ignore – Pulsar [Formation]
Noisia – Mantra [Vision]
Impak – Much More [Abducted LTD]
Tobax ft DaVIP – Collisions [Impact]
Bad District & OneBYone – Atria [Evol Intent]
Cod3x – Maul [Overtech]
Spektralisk – Spiral [Genome]
Maztek ft June Miller – Blaffer [Eatbrain]
Merikan – Stabbernaut [Genome]
Dose – Break the Habit [Abducted LTD]
Agressor Bunx – Overwatch [Ignescent]
Fade – Rush Hour [Faded]
Tobax ft Talibun MC – Stop! [Impact]
Ill Truth – Hivemind [Lifestyle]
Pish Posh – The Moon (Blacklab RMX) [Abducted LTD]
Phonograph – New Horizon [AutomAte]
Decline & Ignore – Shadows [Formation]
Enei – Vertigo (Current Value RMX) [Critical]
Bad District ft Faib & SVJ – Get Out [Evol Intent]
Enei ft Charli Brix – Homeworld (Break RMX) [Critical]
Zaiaku – Raze [Abducted LTD]

DJ Construct Tracklist

Original Sin – Video Nasty (dub) [teaser]
Bass Brothers – Dunno A Dread (PLAYAZ0065)
Premium & Profile – Killer (BIODIGI0065) [teaser]
Voltage – Hard Goin [Voltage Dirty Mix] (FREE TRACK)
Nicky Blackmarket & Chapo – USS Enterprise [Annix Remix] (DDR020) [teaser]
Annix & Profile – Killamanjaro [Nu Elementz Remix] (dub)
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Testify (PLAYAZ066) [teaser]
Paul T & Edward Oberon – Into The Night (PLV060
Ruffstuff & Friller – Bounce V.I.P. (dub) [teaser]
Hizzleguy & Simula – Origin (BIODIGI0069)
Nu Elementz – Everybody V.I.P. (dub) [teaser]
Bass Brothers – Garden Of Eden [PLAYAZ069BONUS]
Aweminus – The Wabbit Hole (dub) [teaser]
Voltage – Message (KINGSIZE002)
Serum – Easy Does It (PB025) [teaser]
Heist – Wolfman (SUM008)
Spaow – Drunk Enough To Say I Love You (SPE03) [teaser]
Brockie & Ed Solo – The Sleeping Giant [Konichi Remix] (UND020)
Premium & Profile – Do It Right (BIODIGI0065) [teaser]
Velocity – Fossa Magna (HE005)
K Jah – Got Me (NATTY017)
T>I – The Gorgon (MURK015) [teaser]
Blankface – Don’t Want It [Hedex Remix] (ARCN001)
Prestige & Tyke – Delusions (NEWPLAYAZ008) [teaser]
DJ Sly – 36 Times (HSDG020)
Jayline, Ruffstuff & Friller – The Demons (LDDR055) [teaser]
Majistrate – Shoreline [Nu Elementz Remix] (SWEET020)
Dez – Cannibal Girls (dub) [teaser]
Original Sin – Warp Speed (dub)
Voltage – Lose Life – (SMOKEDIGI035) [teaser]
Tyke & Vegetarian Zombie – Guantanamo (PLAYAZ060)
Agro & Hizzleguy – Fat Sack (BIODIGI0069) [teaser]
Prestige – Supernatural (FREE TRACK)
Upgrade – Rise To Power (FREE TRACK) [teaser]
Hedex – Forever (DUBZ014)
T>I & Dominator – Club Foot (NATTY018) [teaser]
Command Strange – Night Mist (LV054DD)
Freek – Born Different (RAMMLPD12) [teaser]
Ruffstuff, Friller & Nu Elementz –Gatts V.I.P. (PLV050)
Voltage – Float Ya Boat V.I.P. (SMOKEDIGI035) [teaser]
Majistrate – Here It Comes (LDDR044)
Konichi – Immolated (FREE TRACK) [teaser]
Bass Brothers – Deadly Spawn (PLAYAZ069)
Yatz – Serious (BYTE008) [teaser]
Majistrate – Amsterdam V.I.P. (LDDR057)
??? [teaser]
??? [teaser]
Bass Brothers – WTF (PLAYAZ069)
Cabin Fever & Jaxx – Numbered (NATTY018) [teaser]
Dutta & BOU – The Game (YGUNS002)

Скачать Best Drum & Bass Podcast 095 — Bad Syntax + DJ Construct (2016/09/02) Источник.. Best Drum & Bass Podcast 095 — Bad Syntax + DJ Construct (2016/09/02) Best Drum & Bass Podcast 095 — Bad Syntax + DJ Construct (2016/09/02) Best Drum & Bass Podcast 095 — Bad Syntax + DJ Construct (2016/09/02)