Архив метки: SINE Series

SS015 — Sustance (2018-02-12)

SINE series 015 который отыграл Sustance (UK). В этом миксе прозвучат релизы таких исполнителей, как Noisia, TC1 и многих других.

      SS015 - Sustance (2018-02-12)

SS014 — Doc Scott (2018-01-03)

Первый выпуск SINE Series в 2018 году который записал Doc Scott.

      SS014 - Doc Scott (2018-01-03)

Its 2018, the start of new year, a time for reflection, projection and improvements. For us its business as usual and to kick off the year we’re bringing out the big guns. Dubbed the «Original King Of The Rollers» by many, we welcome the 31 Recordings boss man and one of the originators of ‘Jungle/Dnb’ — DOC SCOTT. Following on from the last ever Future Beats podcast in Dec, Scotty has delivered an hour of pure forward thinking bassy bliss, and a true testament to his view of the scene. Enjoy!