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Nucleus — Esoteric Music Mix # 6 (2017-11-04)

Промо от Nucleus — Esoteric Music Mix # 6 записанное к предстоящему 18-му релизу на лейбле Esoteric Music.

      Nucleus - Esoteric Music Mix # 6 (2017-11-04)

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Gremlinz – Abstractions 25 [2012.02.21]

On to volume 25 to the series and we’ve got the mighty Gremlinz at the controls for this one and he’s certainly done us proud. A member of the original Horsemen collective Gremlinz has always had an influential part to play within the scene with releases on Renegade Hardware, Architecture and Metalheadz. Being an original Horsemen member Gremlinz had to feature on Renegade Hardwares — Horsementality LP last year along with the wicked sounds of Bleebleebloobloo on the Amen Warfare LP released on DSCI4.

When asked about 2012 Gabes reply was «Same old really»… Might not sound like much but keep an eye out for releases on DSCI4, Melee Records and even an LP under the Gremlinz alias! ;)

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