Noisia Radio S02E32 (2016-08-05)

Noisia Radio S02E32 (2016-08-05)

Our album ‘Outer Edges’ is out today! This week features two new Noisia, two new The Upbeats and one brand new Nickbee tune, and we talk about the leak and release of our album in Question Time. 

      Noisia Radio S02E32

Noisia — Mantra [VISION]
The Upbeats — Babylon [VISION]
Noisia — Get Deaded [VISION]
Nickbee — The Time [INVISIBLE]
DieMantle — Sex Machine [SPEAKERBOX]
Hybris — Komputr [NEODIGITAL]
Posij — Killer [INSPECTED]
Holly & No Puls — Paths [FREE DOWNLOAD]
BTK & Cold Fusion — Not Your Idol (Current Value Remix) [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
Was A Be — Code Red [SHOGUN]
Maztek Ft. June Miller — Blaffer [EATBRAIN]
Nasty Nasty — Trash Mouth Better [SATURATE]
No Puls — Tangles Vines [DUB]
London Elektricity — Drop Ship (Bop Remix) [HOSPITAL]
The Upbeats ft. Orifice Vulgatron — No Surprises [VISION]
Monty — Dead Cells [CRITICAL BINARY]
Question Time!
trubo injectie twee punt nul lietr.mp3
Cause 4 Concern — Synergy [C4C]
Hapa — Curious [SOUNDCLOUD]
Rival Consoles — Johannesburg [ERASED TAPES]

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Release date: 5 August 2016

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